Monday, June 21, 2010

A first post (that few will likely read)

I always struggle with denial.

When I was growing up it took me years to consciously accept the fact that I didn't believe in god even though deep down I already knew it to be true. I was in denial about being an adult for a good five years, although I think a lot of my generation struggle with that one. In some ways I'm still in denial about it. I was in denial about my first grey hair. I plucked it from my arm, actually. Out of sight out of mind. Until the grey hairs outnumber the white I think I can get away with that one.

A great showcase of personal denial for me was that strange and uncomfortable feeling you get when you realize that you are no longer as quick to understand technology as you used to be. A new cellular device like a blackberry or internet concept like RSS feeds is presented to you and you actually have to concentrate to understand how it works. Gone are the days when I can simply 'figure something out' by looking at it or fiddling around with it. I'm sure many people my age, or perhaps even most of them can still pick up a new piece of technology and understand it without much of a problem, but it's a matter of proximity and exposure in my mind. I've been out of touch for years, and after a certain age your mind is no longer as mutable as it once was. Now I RTFM all the time now, or use 'wikihows', etc. to understand how technology is out-pacing my understanding of things on a regular basis.

I was in denial about the internet surpassing my capacity for understanding for years. However, I will not take this one lying down. All it takes is a little effort, which I was not until recently willing to give. This is one of the reasons that I have started a new blog and consolidated my internet content into google reader for easier access.

The other reason is to promote myself as a writer.

I am soon to be published through Key Publications ( for those of you who are interested - best site around for aspiring writers) and it occurred to me that promotion and networking are paramount for a new writer. My objective is to start a blog that people will eventually follow; a blog chronicling my writing process as I finish my first novel and beyond. I also plan on including posts about various writing ideas I have along the way, which may or may not be used at some point.

In case anybody is curious, the book is slated to be called 'Hearts of the Betrothed'. The series will likely be titled the 'Shattered Crystal' trilogy.

For anybody who reads this, I would love to answer more questions about the novel if you leave a comment.

In a nutshell, that's the intent of this blog, in any case.