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Madu: Hi everyone, and welcome back to Patriot Radio on Station 203, The Bear. I’m your host Madu Moda, the Voice of the West. Today on Patriot Radio I’ve got writer, political pundit and personal friend of mine J.R. Hill with me in the studio. J.R. has published such award-winning books as ‘Gorillas in our Midst’ and ‘The Unseen Web’. Thanks for joining me today, Jake.

J.R.: Thanks for having me, Madu.

Madu: How was your flight?

J.R.: Great, just great thanks. The drive over to the studio was even better. I love the mountains. We really do live in a blessed country, Madu.

Madu: We really do, Jake. So...first off, let’s talk about your new book: ‘This Land Was Your Land’.

J.R.: Alright.

Madu: So tell us what the book is about.

J.R.: It’s about the United Provinces, really. The same way all my books are. It’s, you know, about this land we live in and the troubles we face on a daily basis. The political situation, as it stands. How close we are to a boiling point.

Madu: Ok. Is that something you can elaborate on, this boiling point?

J.R.: Sure. We’re approaching a state of near-crisis here in the U.P. Opponents of the war in the Eye are plenty, and while, you know, everybody who knows me knows that I’m a very vocal opponent of the war and a lot of the decisions our prime minister has been making regarding this war, we face an even greater threat here at home. We have insurgents, mainly fae but also hama; opportunists who, you know, seek to use this war to further their own agenda. Namely, that is, the subjugation of our established values here in this beautiful country of ours.

Madu: Now, when you say ‘values’, what values are you talking about?

J.R.: Freedom. Democracy. They seek to make us exactly like the Empire. Nobody allowed to think for themselves. There’s also a large contingent of fae seeking revenge for events that happened hundreds of years in the past. They want to kick anybody but themselves out of the country, even the humans and hama who support them in their peacenik rallies. The book explores the root causes of these events, citing specific examples of peaceniks allying with socialists, most of which the general public aren’t even aware of. There have also been many terrorist actions performed inside our own country which have been the actions of a few radical fae groups, which the government, in its infinite, you know, wisdom and desire to appease these violent reactionaries, claimed were ‘accidents’ or the cause of some other organization or individual. This is the kind of stuff that our government routinely hides from people that they need to be made aware of. It’s all there in the book, and years of, you know, research and interviews went into this stuff.

Madu: So you’ve interviewed terrorists for this book?

J.R.: Oh, no. (Laughter) They’d kill me on sight. No, no, I’ve interviewed, you know, several officials in the upper echelons of parliament, you know, friends of mine, mostly...many of them your friends too, Madu (Laughter). Of course, the government likes its secrets, so, you know, I couldn’t name any names, but trust me when I say that this information is coming from very reliable sources.

Madu: Ok. So to get back to the beginning, then: why the title? ‘This Land Was Your Land’? What does it mean?

J.R.: Oh, it’s quite simple, really. ‘This Land Was Your Land’. It belonged to the fae. They didn’t really need all that space, you know. All this vast empty territory with nobody occupying it. They only had about a million people living on this whole continent when people started to come over and colonize, and that’s, you know, about a tenth of the population of New Scraven. The various kingdoms of this land, you know, for the most part, gave them parcels of land equal to how much space they needed to subsist off of nature because they, you know, didn’t really have any technology or tools or anything advanced, they just wandered around and gathered berries. They didn’t even keep animals or anything. And our now-unified government, a symbol of democracy and brotherhood and friendship, the merging of cultures and peoples, has honoured those agreements and they still have those parcels of land, but now they want it all back. So, to get back to your question, the title is simply that: ‘This Land Was Your Land’. It belonged to the fae once, but they didn’t really use or need a lot of it. The needs of the many are more important than the needs of the few. So once there was no more space out in the old world, people came here. And now the fae are asking for their land back, using the war as an excuse to incite violence at home and cause strife and misery. They’re selfish by nature, you know...there have been studies done that prove this. I’ve mentioned several in the book with full documentation. The fae seem to think that the world owes them some kind of favour or, you know, apology for colonizing here. And some don’t even want that, they just want to kill us all and let the gods sort it out. I shouldn’t have to remind your listeners of the Havenville shootings, or the Hafshani bombings.

Madu: No, I’m sure we all remember those. Anybody old enough to listen to this show anyway. Terrible tragedies. Anyway, it looks like it’s time to take a couple of callers. Mai, you’re on the air.

Mai: Hi

J.R.: Hi, Mai.

Madu: Hi, Mai. Thanks for calling. Do you have a question for Mr. Hill?

Mai: I do. I was just wondering how you sleep at night, knowing that you’re spreading filth and lies to the provincial populace?

J.R.: I sleep very well, thank you, knowing that I spread no lies at all. All that is contained within my book and what I say to you here today is truth. You’ll find it all well-documented if you buy the book, I promise you.

Madu: If I could interject, here, for a moment. Mai, what exactly do you feel Mr. Hill is lying about?

Mai: The fae protests have nothing to do with the war...they’ve been protesting forever. You’ve been an opponent of a war that is as important to this country as bread and rice, trying to stop our prime minister from saving those poor souls in Yaru from a fate worse than death. You say you are on the side of the provincial people and yet you vocally oppose our government at every opportunity. You...

J.R.: If...can I have a word here? I do vocally oppose the government, when I feel they are not adequately serving the populace. It’s a poor system that uses its people to feed itself and not the other way around...and frankly, as you would see if you had read any of my books, the war against the Empire is futile. Socialism will collapse under its own weight; there is no sense breaking our backs trying to fight it. All that military money would be better spent finding a way to deal with this internal crisis we have. You do agree there is an internal crisis, don’t you, Mai?

Mai: Well, yes, but...

J.R.: If I can finish? Thank you. The fae protests have everything to do with the war. The greater the threat level abroad, the easier it is to create chaos at home, and they know this. Despite their inferior level of understanding of complex human politics, the fae are cunning when it comes to partisan tactics. Basically, you know, what they want to do is create such a level of pandemonium and fear that everyday people are afraid to go outside. Once the war fails, which it will whether by their design or the gods’, the fae will have every advantage to strike and completely destroy this country. Our only hope is for the military to pull out now and start focusing resources at home, as well as...

Mai: That’s not going to curb any kind of socialist threat, pulling out the military.

Madu: Well the real threat is in the Empire, not its satellites.

J.R.: Thank you, Madu, exactly. And wasting human lives on foolish nations that want to join a dying belief system isn’t helping us any. If the fae want to fight something so badly, let them take on the reds.

Mai: They would never go willingly.

J.R.: On that, at least, we agree.

Madu: Ok, thank you Mai. And now let’s move on to our second caller. Jer, you’re on the air.

Jer: Hi Madu. Long-time listener, first-time caller. I’d just like to say first off that I’m a big fan of your books, Mr. Hill.

J.R.: Oh, thank you. Call me J.R.

Jer: Ok, J.R. Sure thing. I’d just like to say that it’s a real honour to be talking to you. I’m a huge fan. Ok anyway, I was just wondering something, if you would indulge me. So why is it, if those have been given concessions or whatever you call it by the government, why are they saying that we’ve never given them anything at all? I mean, I read your book, and we gave them all kinds of chances to keep a lot of this land, but they didn’t really seem to care. Do they care about anything? Like, I was watching this show about the thought process or whatever you call it, of the fae, and it said that like, they don’t believe in ownership or something. Is that true?

J.R.: That’s a great question, Jer, and no that is absolutely not true. The fae do believe in ownership. They simply claim not to, in order to further your own agenda. You see, by pretending that they don’t believe in property, they are making an excuse for their ancestors...trying to find a way to blame us instead of their own people for the loss of the vast majority of this continent. You should see how they fight over the simplest of objects on the parcels...and trust me, then you will see that they do, indeed, believe in ownership.

Jer: Ok, thanks, J.R. I guess that answers my question. Real great talking to you. Bye now.

J.R.: Bye now.

Madu: How do you feel about doing one more before the commercial break, Jake?

J.R.: Sure thing.

Madu: Ok, Yel, you’re on the air. Hello!

Yel: Hello, Madu. Nice to be here. First time listener, first time caller. How are you, Jacob?

J.R.: Fine, thank you. Yel...that’s a fae name, isn’t it?

Yel: It is, Jacob. I’m surprised you don’t recognize the name...or my voice. But were always good at ignoring things that were right in front of you.

J.R.: Sorry, is this some kind of prank?

Madu: Did you have a question for Mr. Hill, Yel?

Yel: Oh, several, but I’ll try to limit myself to a few. (Incomprehensible noise...laughter?) Tell me, Jacob, where do you get your information these days? It’s a good thing journalists are afraid to talk to us traium...we wouldn’t want your credibility to be damaged, after all.

J.R.: Due to the nature of my work, I usually cannot name my sources, for their own protection. Was that all?

Yel: Hardly. I’m sure it’s not traium protection you’re concerned with, anyway. More like your friends in the capital who protect the same narrow-minded set of ideals, right? But on to questions that I’m sure will be more interesting to your listeners, right Madu?

Madu: I’m afraid we only have time for...

Yel: Indulge me one more, if you would. That sadly misguided woman Mai took up far more of your time. Tell me, Jacob, at what point did you think my people would simply lie down and take your slander?

J.R.: You have for centuries.

Yel: Then clearly you’ve learned nothing from your research, and weren’t even listening to yourself five minutes ago when you mentioned the Havenville shootings.

J.R.: Cut to commercial.

Madu: No. Stay on the air. (Muffled noises, whispering) And what exactly do the Havenville shootings have to do with it?

Yel: Yes, keep me on the air. You’d like to believe that your bureau can track me down, wouldn’t you? (Laughter) I’m sure an educated man like yourself knows plenty about the Havenville shootings, Madu, but for the sake of your audience I’ll indulge you. The shooter was never caught.

J.R.: Yes he was. Senn Wachu was hanged for his crimes.

Yel: A blameless man. A martyr to my people. The shooter was never caught, because I am he. How could you not remember, Jacob? You’ve interviewed me twice, but never bothered to record the things that I said to you because you refuse to print the truth. I should have killed you at Fort Priyavana, you know. Stopped you from spreading more lies. But this is better. You have listeners, and your radio host lets the government track callers for money. Let them come to me; it’s not like I don’t have enough bombs. Let the people listen to what their greed has brought them. I’m not here to tell you to change your ways or apologize. The time for that is gone. Our land was taken, our culture was raped, and you still act like it was the will of your gods that all this happened to us. You spit on us and degrade us, or sometimes even pity us, but it’s not your pity that we want. It’s your blood. Because we’ve tried every other way imaginable to get you to listen to our demands for equality, but those have gone unanswered. Humans only understand suffering, so it is suffering that we will give you, to make you listen. I speak for all traium when I say that you think your gods gave you this land...but by the end, you will be praying to them for mercy. Because we will give you none.

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